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           Dr. B.S. Goel now known as Shri Siddheshwar Baba was born on 25th March in 1935. Since childhood he was attracted towards spirituality and often witnessed the divine communication through dreams. He completed the Masters degree  in History and Political Science and actively joined Marxism. In 1964 he pursued Ph. D from Delhi University and joined the service in NCERT, New Delhi.

           Dr. B. S. Goel  was a  very rare individual.  He was chosen by the destiny to experience and reveal to the world, the deepest secrets of various aspects of mind and cosmic energy (kundalini).  His experience of awakening was quite amazing as described in his book titled “Psychoanalysis and Meditation - Part-II”. 

           Dr. Goel has a profound insight into the awakening of the kundalini because he has experienced it.  When he was going through the opening of his kundalini, he went up and down India looking for someone who could explain it.  He found many people that had theories.  However they did not know.  Dr. Goel tells of his unusual and sometimes painful experiences on how he came to be realized through the awakening of his kundalini. 

           Kundalini is a Sanskrit language word that means coil. At the base of the spinal cord every human being has a powerful, yet dormant source of energy that lies dormant in the perineum. This source is known as the Muladhar Chakra from which three subtle channels known as Naadis rise up through the spine and reach the brain. Although most people are not aware that the Kundalini exists, Kundalini is well-known by serious spiritual seekers.

           Traditionally, it is believed that after being awakened, Kundalini will be able to remove the knots of the major chakras, cleanse, open and develop the chakras until they are fully developed into full-blooming lotus forms. By the time the Kundalini finishes opening, cleansing and developing all of the chakras, the core of the Kundalini will reach the crown chakra, the chakra at the top of the head. This is the time when one  attains the highest spiritual achievement.

           Kundalini requires years to cleanse, open and develop a chakra completely, and the process is done in a bottom up in sequential order. So, as the Kundalini starts at the lowest chakra and spends a few years at this base chakra, it will take decades before the Kundalini can start working at the crown chakra, the 7th chakra.

           Thus including the Muladhar there are various Chakras in which very powerful energy lies dormant and once they are activated a human gains amazing divine powers like Telepathy, Hypnotism, Clairvoyance. In fact complete success in life in any and every sphere can come only through the activation of all the Chakras and it is with this aim that true Yogis remain engaged in Sadhanas (spiritual practice). But this process can be very intricate and difficult unless one is helped by an enlightened Master who has his own Kundalini fully activated, who is aware of all the processes of activation and who can activate the Kundalini of others.

           In the early seventies when he was 35, Dr. Goel was in a severely depressed state when his Guru appeared in his dream, and told him that Psycho-analysis and Marxism, both of which he had embraced, were false ways to happiness.  His Guru told him the only path to inner peace and joy was through God.  In 1975 his third eye opened and his kundalini was aroused.  In 1982, he established an ashram named Sri Siddheshwar Ashram (Third Eye Foundation of India, village Bhigan, District Sonepat, Haryana, India) to help and guide other aspirants that where having kundalini experiences on the spiritual path, and called it Third Eye Foundation of India.

           He attests to the truth that the Guru or God can and will raise the individual aspirant from the gross plane of existence to sat-chit-ananda, the state of pure consciousness.  Dr. Goel has a description about the opening of his third eye and the suffering he went through as his ego was destroyed and remade.  He also explains how this kundalini experience can be different for different individuals.

           Because of the immense mercy of his guru Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on him he got the direct vision of God who is the owner of the Cosmic Energy (Kundalini) and its creation, that is mind. Thus the knowledge he disseminates through his books tends to go beyond the knowledge given by “Freud and Jung” Everything that is written in his books has been seen, experienced and lived by him. His books are likely to provide answers to most of the questions related to the Psycho-Spiritual sufferings and the inner search of man. Dr. B. S. Goel has written several books, the most famous is the "Third Eye and Kundalini - An Experimental Account of a Journey From Dust to Divinity." The others are :

1. Psycho-analysis and Meditation (Part-I)

2. Third Eye and Kundalini {Psycho-analysis and Meditation (Part-II)}

3. Psycho-analysis and Meditation related Essays

4. Indian Cukture and Spirituality

5. Six point program for Sadhakas

           Above books can be purchased from the publisher :

Third Eye Foundation of India

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